Bloglines experimental command line interface

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bloglines-beta3-shell So I’m just catching up on my RSS feeds in the new Bloglines Beta when I accidentally activate a Command Line or Shell interface as an overlay on the page.  It has the Bloglines logo in ASCII font with the tagline: Proudly Made on Earth!

To activate this, press the ` key. (left of the number 1)

It looks to be for experimental or debugging purposes as the HELP function reveals only three possible commands: echo, set and show.  Of course it is entirely possible that other commands do exist but aren’t documented in the HELP function.

A popup command line option in a news aggregator GUI is an interesting concept and can be useful for quickly adding feeds and folders or sending commands to change feed display settings.  I’d love to use something like this to set ad hoc filters.

If anyone knows what this is there for, I’d love to hear more about it.  If you’re hacking away at the shell and discover something cool, do share.

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6 Responses to “Bloglines experimental command line interface”

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  2. Ben Says:

    It’s actually a full javascript REPL running inside the browser’s Javascript VM, so you can call into any part of the Bloglines or Dojo API. For instance:
    bl.feeds.refreshCounts() will update your unread counts
    bl.feeds.load() will reload the feed tree

    This is all stuff you could do through firebug’s console instead (or greasemonkey), but we like having our own version of it for x-browser support. However, our console isn’t as fleshed out as Firebug’s, so you might want to poke around in Firebug a bit, explore the api and find things you can do. I’ll be documenting bits and pieces of this stuff on my website (, though it’s all totally unsupported and the api may change at any time. We’re not committed to supporting it at the moment…

  3. Bjorn Tipling Says:



    and then:

    bl.login(“userName”,”password”) to login to an account. ;)

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  6. sandrar Says:

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